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Preventing Substance Use for the Betterment of All

At Hope’s Hands - Owen County Drug Prevention Coalition in Owenton, Kentucky, we are dedicated to preventing substance use before it starts by enhancing community members’ overall well-being, paving a way for a drug free society.


About Our Nonprofit Organization

Hope’s Hands - Owen County Drug Prevention Coalition was established as a nonprofit in 2007. In 2016, the Owen County Drug Prevention was developed under the Hope's Hands umbrella. 

In October 2016, Hope's Hands received a 5-year, $125,0000 per year, Drug Free Communities Grant. The focus of this grant is to reduce youth substance use. The Kentucky Incentives for Prevention Survey that is administered to 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grade biennially, identified tobacco and alcohol to be the most common used substances among youth. The Coalition works to train local partners in evidenced based prevention practices, educate community members and youth, change local policies, and implement sustainable change using the Strategic Prevention Framework model.  

Hope's Hands is an organization that consists of the Owen County Drug Prevention Coalition, Youth Services Center, Power Pack Program, and Dolly Parton Imagination Library. We are a member of the Owen of County Chamber of Commerce.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Owen County Drug Prevention Coalition is to reduce and prevent substance use among youth and families in Owen County.

Vision Statement 

The vision is for Owen County to be a safe community where children and families can live in a drug-free environment.

Our Team

  • Becky Mefford, Project Director
  • Sarah Paige Tuttle, Project Coordinator for the Drug-Free Communities Grant
  • Kim Fitzgerald Duvall, Administrative Assistant for the Drug-Free Communities Grant

The Owen County Drug Prevention Coalition is comprised of diverse members that represent 12 different sectors, ranging from youth to health care professionals, who play a vital role in substance abuse prevention. The coalition meets monthly to focus collaborative, community efforts on employing prevention-based programs and strategies to reduce youth substance use. 

As a coalition, we host and support positive school and community events to provide not only education, but a safe environment for youth. Events such as town hall meetings, community forums, open houses, and school programs are commonly supported. Although the coalition is established in rural community with limited resources, which can pose as a challenge, coalition members are creative in their efforts to exercise prevention measures. 

The coalition prides itself in using members' strengths to effectively carry out the mission to reduce youth substance use. One characteristic that sets our coalition apart is the active representation of the faith-based community. Local church members and pastors not only show support, but stay actively engaged by hosting events, and lending transportation services. 

By building and maintaining important relationships with local churches, businesses, school system, and elected officials, our coalition and mission is continuously supported, providing sustainability for future endeavors.


Coalition Monthly Meetings

Coalition Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of every month, 12 p.m.-1 p.m. 

Meetings are located at the Owen County Public Library, 1370 Hwy 22 E., Owenton, Ky. 

Lunch is provided. Everyone welcome!  

R.S.V.P. to Sarah Paige Tuttle, Project Coordinator,  502-750-1596, 


“I have been blessed to attend this years CADCA conference in Washington D.C. with

awesome students with Becky Mefford and Sarah Paige Tuttle. Thank you so much for letting us attend this exceptional conference. Owen County is an excellent place to be apart of and work with the outstanding young people in the schools and community."

– Bill Davenport

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